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Affordable $120

Convenient & fast

Customised to you

Meets Australian legal requirements

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What is a Will?

Your Will is an important legal document that gives directions and wishes about who will get your assets and who will care for any children when you pass away.

Do I really need a Will?


If you die without a Will, the process to administer your estate is far more difficult.

It can leave a mess for your loved ones and your assets will be gifted in accordance with the Succession Act. Having no Will can result in extended family that you have no contact with or even the government receiving cash or assets from your estate.

You need to make a Will to make sure that your estate goes to the people or organisations that you want.

Can I sign a Will electronically?

No. Our product will prepare a Will for you to print, with instructions to sign. You must hand sign each page of your Will, with a blue or black pen. You must sign in the presence of two witnesses, who should also sign.

Do I really need to see a Solicitor to draft a Will?

No. Most Australians only need a simple Will. Our Wills were designed by qualified Solicitors to enable you to do a simple Will from the comfort of your home, on your laptop, or on your commute to work on your phone.

But if you have a complex asset structure or complex family dynamics, you might need to see a Solicitor & get legal advice. Our produce provides guidance, hints & facts but does not offer legal advice.

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About Us

Our founders, Jessica Bourke and Stephanie Allwright are Solicitors who came up with the idea to make Wills more affordable and convenient by incorporating their legal skills and technology.

We practice in Wills and Estates and see the consequences of not having a valid Will.

We were frustrated by the number of clients who did not have a Will and hearing complaints that "everyday Australians could not afford a Will."

Wills No Frills provides low-cost Wills for everyday Australians.

Prefer to talk to an Australian Solicitor and have them draft your Will the traditional way?

No problems. Book an appointment with a Solicitor from Allwright Bourke

Fees apply

Backed by Australian Lawyers

Wills No Frills is supported by award-winning Australian lawyers from Allwright Bourke who bring years of expertise to our team, and our distinguished record of excellence is underscored by prestigious awards and affiliations with leading professional societies. Trust in our proven track record and let our experienced legal professionals guide you with confidence.

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"Thank you for offering this cost effective service. It's always been in my 'gotta do' list, and yet I still hadn't actioned it until I started following you on TikTok. I really appreciate this!"


"Received my will through Wills No Frills today and it's perfect. Thank you so much for such an excellent service!"

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